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Car Foam Drill Polishing Pad Kit 22 PCS, 3 Inch Buffing Pads

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  • High Quality: Prime quality wool pad, sponge pad, bendable, washable and reusable. Different colored sponges have different softness, you can choose as you need, suitable for polishing rough and small areas.
  • Professional wool and foam pad buffing, polishing and finishing system. Efficient cutting and polishing the most difficult car oxidation coating, scratches. Can be used in pneumatic or electric polishing machine.
  • All sponge polishing pads should be cleaned and leveled before use to ensure that there are no particles left. After use, polishers should be cleaned immediately and dried in a cool place.
  • Suitable: Used for all kinds of coat paints's waxing, polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness; And for auto car detail polishing. Adhesive backing, you can change pads just in seconds.
  • (Not included Electric drill )


  • TypePolishing/Buffing Pad
  • Material: sponge
  • Color:As shown in the figure
  • Size:thickness 28mm, outer diameter 80mm
  • Durable and practical.
  • High polishing efficiency and good polishing effect.
  • Easy to use.


  • Orange sponges for waxing and rough polishing.
  • Yellow sponges are ideal for polishing small details with moderate softness.
  • White and black sponge provides a glossy finish with no residue.
  • Improves the surface evenly and softens the signs of scratches on the surface.
  • Used for all types of wax, polish and seal enamels.
  • Suitable for all common M10 / M14 drills, cordless screwdrivers, polishing and rotary machines.

Package Content:

  • 16pcs X 3" Sponge Polishing Pads
  • 2pcs X Woolen Buffer Pads
  • 2pcs X Drill Adapter (Not included Electric drill )
  • 2pcs X Suction Cup


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