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Vacuum Storage Bag

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  • Ultimate protection for bedding, sweaters, seasonal clothes and travel
  • When storing away as the airtight/watertight seal will prevent mould, moisture, musty odours, moths, dirt or dust.
  • Very easy to use, just any household vacuum with a hose to remove the air and Shrink storage up to 75% Ultimate protection
  • The bag can be easily stored anywhere e.g. attic, basement, under bed, in suitcase etc.
  • These storage vacuum bags are great for saving space around the house.
  • Re-usable and air tight
  • Store everything from blankets, duvets,quilts, curtains, pillows, clothes and more.
  • Compatible with any vacuum cleaner or air pump
  • Can be used for storing a variety of items such as: Seasonal
  • Clothing, Extra Blankets, Pillows, Hand-me-down clothes, patio cushions and any soft-goods you can think of.
  • They can also be used to store clothing and blankets in your car for travel emergencies.
  • These bags protect your items from dirt, dust, bugs, and moisture.
  • Vacuum-sealing drastically reduces the effect of oxidation and retards growth of mildew.
  • Keep your clothes and bedding super fresh & dry.
  • Incredibly simple and easy to use, you’ll be seeing the benefits of these bags within minutes. Best Choice and Care For Your Clothes!


  • Type: Vacuum Storage Bag
  • Valve Color: Blue
  • Bag Color: Transparent
  • Material : PET+PE


  • 130x90cm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Vacuum Storage Saving Space Seal Bag