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  • Retractable Gardening Hose s-l1600_6_-_copy

    ezonedeal Retractable Gardening Hose

    Description: Super strong and durable yet ultra lightweight. Automatically expands up to about 3 times its original length when water is turned on Automatically contracts back in seconds when water is turned offMade from high pressure-resistance durable You'll be truly amazed at how much easier it makes your work around the house and yard. The entire hose can be held in the palms of your hands making it incredibly easy to store. Ideal for gardens, patios and cars The hose comes supplied complete with a handy nozzle featuring 7 different modes (Shower, Flat, Centre,Cone, Full, Mist and Jet). Features: Type: Expandable Garden Hose Color: Green Length: 12/50/100Ft. Material: Latex Expandable Modes: 7 Tap Adpater: 2 Package Includes: 1 x Garden Hose Wate Pipe 1 x 7 Modes Spray Gun 2 x Tap Adpater 1 x English Manual

    $19.49 - $24.49

  • Mini Folding 4K HD Drone

    Mini Folding 4K HD Drone

    Description: 1080P Camera Lens And FPV Function: The kid’s drone with camera is equipped with a 1080P HD 90° manually adjustable camera lens to provide a wider field of view, allowing you to see the world from a bird's eye view. With your phone /iPad connected to the drone WIFI, you can watch the wonderful scenery in real-time. Photos or videos are automatically saved in your phone's album, which you can easily share on social media. 3 Batteries: To increase your flight time and get more fun. We upgraded the battery configuration. The small drone is equipped with three 1,800mah rechargeable batteries. Each battery provides approximately 10 minutes of flight time. In total 30 minutes of endurance. Note that more flips and frequent flight altitude changes will reduce the flight time per battery. Easy To Use: The camera drone has user-friendly features that make it easy for kids or beginners to control. Just press the one-click take-off/landing button to fly. Compared with other drones of the same type, we have added the bottom camera lens and optical flow positioning function, which allows the drone to maintain at a very stable altitude and is easy to control. Headless mode, emergency stop, and propeller guard all make it easy for beginners to control this drone. Multiple Functions: The mini drone can be controlled by a remote control or APP. Multiple functions include one-click 360° flips, 3-gear speeds adjustable, gravity sensing, gesture control photograph/video, and path flight. These functions will provide you with a fun and exciting flying experience. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: 4K HD drone Size: 14 * 10 * 3.5 cm, 11 * 7.5 * 4.5cm Material: ABS Color: Black Item Weight: 300gm Features: High quality Portable 4K FPV experience Easy to use Altitude hold 90° adjustable camera lens Capture unforgettable memories Lightweight Total control at your fingertips Multiple functions Durable Package Content: 1x Drone 1x Remote control 1x USB charging cable 1x Carrying case 1x User manual 1x Quick start guide 1x Screwdriver 4x Propellers 4x Protective guards


  • Bicycle chain cleaner Brush Tool 1_42d2de63-4d32-4941-8c27-87603c6a5558

    ezonedeal Bicycle chain cleaner Brush Tool

    Description: 360°rotating brushes, perfectly clean your bicycle chain. Designed to pick out the dirt inside the bike wheels, Performs deep clean at every corner of the bike chains. Quickly and easily cleans chains, freewheel cogs, and chain rings. Rotary clean design, making your bicycle much cleaner. Works with all multi-speed bikes and some single-speed models. Dirty drive trains shift poorly and wear out prematurely. Incorporates an extra large reservoir and two step cleaning processto draw metal particles away from chain. Effectively keeping them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning. Features: Type:Bicycle chain cleaner Material:Plastic Color:Blue Size:Approx 13.5x8x7cm Package Included 1xbicycle chain cleaner


  • Chainsaw Sharpener ChainsawSharpener01

    ezonedeal Chainsaw Sharpeners - Sharp sharpening

    Description: Convenient & Fast Sharpening: The new chainsaw teeth sharpener provides a simple and fast method of sharpening the saw chain. The chainsaw can make the dull chain clear again in just 3-5 seconds. Lightweight and easy to carry, the chain saw sharpening tool is easy to use outdoors, protecting your hands from injury. Quality Materials & General: Made of premium ABS plastic, this lightweight and durable chain saw blade is suitable for most 14" / 16" / 18" / 20" chains on the market (Note: not compatible with ECHO 16 chain saw). Intimate & Perfect Design: In order to suit different types of different hole chains, SDMS chain saw sharpener are designed with 2 holes for fixed sharpening, one hole fixed and the other moving back and forth, very flexible. Check in advance your chainsaw blade whether have two holes. If your saw blade is a single hole, you can remove the sliding rivet that can be moved back and forth, then install and use it. Easy to Install and Use: The chain saw sharpening tool is installed in the sharpener and can be installed and used at any time so that your chain can be sharpened in a short time. Keep oil on the chain and rails to reduce friction and extend service life. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Chainsaw sharpener Size:21×14×3.5cm Material: ABS + Whetstone Suitable Chain: 14-20 inch guide plate chain Color: Yellow Item Weight: 280gm Features: High quality Durable Lightweight and portable Easy to operate Wide compatibility Sharp sharpening Save time and energy Replaceable whetstone Package Content: 1x Chainsaw sharpener


  • USB Keyboard Cleaner 51djp2aj_gl._ac_sl1000

    ezonedeal USB Keyboard Cleaner

    Description: 100% Brand New & Top Quality. Material: Plastic & Metal Color: as the picture shown(According to your purchase selection) The mini size is easy to clean the dirt at the corner of the keyboard It is also designed for vacuuming heavier dirt and dust Simply connect the vacuum to the USB port of your laptop or computer It can keep your keyboard clean with this portable vacuum cleaner This keyboard vacuum cleaner can be plugged straight into USB port without requiring external power source It is great for the keyboard, printer, camera equipment, audio-visual equipment and office electronic equipment Size: As the picture show USB Length: 120cm/47.24in" Feature: Type: Keyboard Cleaner Color: Blue/Black/Green/Light Blue Material: Plastic & Metal USB Length: 90cm/35.43" Package Include: 1 x Mini USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner For PC Laptop 1 x Brush Fur

    $8.99 - $16.99

  • Electric Chain Saw

    ezonedeal Electric Chain Saw

    Description: Portable And One-Hand Operation: The mini chain saw is lightweight and easy to carry and use in any location. Its non-slip handheld design ensures a comfortable grip and easy control, making it suitable for family and outdoor work. Even women and the elderly can easily operate it. Safe And Reliable: To ensure reliable safety, this cordless chainsaw has four security measures. including a safety lock(prevent accidental activation), chain baffle(prevents the sawdust from splashing to protect your safety), hand guard(protect your hand), lithium-ion battery with self-overload and temperature protection, heat dissipation design, and a non-slip handle with strengthened control. Widely Used: Despite its small size and light weight, mini chainsaws are just as powerful and efficient as larger chainsaws. It can be used for general tree trimming, garden art, and shrub trimming, as well as for forest harvesting, wood cutting, and other activities. Suitable for gardens, farms, parks, forests, pastures, orchards, indoors and other places. Powerful And Efficient Cutting: This cordless chainsaw is equipped with high-power battery and pure copper motor, combined with the high-temperature hardened chain to make the cutting more smooth and efficient. it takes only 10 seconds to cut a log with a diameter 4-6 inches, make your yard work so easy. Easy to Carry: Although the suitcase is small, it can store all the accessories perfectly. Small and convenient, quick and easy to assemble Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Electric chain saw Size: 22 * 10 cm Material: ABS + Carbon Steel  Motor Voltage: 88V Chain Speed: 5m/s Rotating Speed: 3000r/min Color: Black + Blue Item Weight: 2112gm Features: High quality Portable One hand operation Safe and reliable Powerful and efficient cutting Easy to carry Rechargeable Protection baffle Powerful copper motor Durable Wide application Package Content: 1x Electric chain saw 1x Saw Chain 1x Charger 1x User manual 1x Storage box 1 x Screwdriver 1x Baffle 1 x Wrench 2x Batteries


  • LED Glasses Magnifier 1_d162642d-20dc-4f68-a6f1-adb4a81867b7

    ezonedeal LED Glasses Magnifier

    Jeweler 8X 15X 23X Magnifier Magnifying Eye Glass Watch Repair Loupe With LED AU Description: Dual polished and crystal acrylic lens with 2 magnification options, no distortion but high clarity. High brightness LED lights with adjustable dimmable switch, flexible to adjust the desired illumination brightness for better viewing effect. Suitable for examining and reading fine prints in newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewelry, photos, and pill bottles, or repair work for the clock, watch, cellphone &, etc. Ideal gift for seniors, hobbyists, and professionals, thoughtfully provide helpful visual impairment aid. Easy to use and change lens Features: Type: Eye Glasses Magnifier Material : ABS + Acrylic Lens Color: Black&White Lens Magnification: 8x, 23x(Adding the 15x Lens on the glasses' 8x lens) Light Source: 2 LED Fold Size: 85*155*55mm Unfold Size: 175*155*55mm   Lens Diameter: 62mm, 21mm Package Included: 1* Magnifier Glass 1* User Manual


  • Kayak Storage Hoist Lift 1_975a5b94-a47a-4406-baa0-40e841db189b

    ezonedeal Kayak Storage Hoist Lift

    Description: This storage hoist kit can help to store your kayak overhead and free up valuable floor space, so you can park other vehicles or items under the kayak. It is made of sturdy steel to support kayak up to 125lbs. Ceiling mount design store your kayak overhead and allows room for vehicles to park under. Heavy duty steel construction with a black paint finish. Hooks with rubber coating protect from scratches. 5.4ft strengthened straps can lift heavy products up to 125lb. capacity. Smooth pulleys and latches make lifting kayaks super easy. Necessary mounting hardware included, easy to install and use. Specifications: Type:- Kayak Hoist Lift Material: Steel Color: Black Capacity:- 125lb Package Include:-  1 x Kayak Storage Hoist Kit


  • 10ML Soldering Flux Paste 10CC Tacky Solder Flux Pneumatic Dispenser with Plunger 0_f903a736-8dac-473d-9df9-b2d1b1da97f9

    ezonedeal 10ML Soldering Flux Paste 10CC Tacky Solder Flux Pneumatic Dispenser with Plunger

    Description: Easy to Use: each soldering flux is equipped with a plunger and dispensing tip, which is more convenient to use and can accurately place the flux to the required place, making your circuit board and other manufacturing and maintenance more convenient Boost Design: compared with the traditional flux paste, and soldering paste, the canned push design makes the flow smoother, no waste in the soldering process, and is easy to store and use Reliable Quality: no clean flux paste has instant wetting, excellent fluxing ability, no washing, strong viscosity, bright solder joints, more convenient to use Wide Application: 8341 No clean flux is widely applied in circuit boards, ICs, telephones, TVs, and other household appliances and industrial equipment Specifications: Type: Soldering flux Material: Paint Flux Form: Paste Color: Red Size: ‎4.49 x 4.17 x 1.26 inches Melting Point: 138 °C Capacity: 10 ml Weight: 99.9g Package includes: 1 x Soldering flux injection 1 x Plunger 2 x Dispensing tip


  • Magnetic Hook

    ezonedeal Magnetic Hook

    Description: Industrial Magnetic Hook: The extra strong magnetic hooks are made of neodymium magnets offer more than 25lbs attractive force on horizontal application, reduce to nearly 9lbs if used vertically. Best Coating: Triple Layer Coated. The best coating available, which provides a shiny and rust resistant coated steel cup provides protection for the metal magnet hooks and helps to prevent chipping or cracking, Safe to Use! Easy to Use: The smooth bottom of the magnetic hook prevents scratches, eliminates the need for drilling, sticky residue and tools, and is easy to remove and install anywhere. Multi Purpose Magnetic Hook: The neodymium magnetic hook usually used for hang hats, keys, towels in your refrigerator, living room, indoor, and workshop wherever there are iron or steel. Perfect use for hang little gadgets. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Magnetic hook Size: 1.5 * 3.7 cm Material: Neodymium Color: Silver Weight: ‎12gm Features: High quality Lightweight Powerful magnetic Easy to use Rust resistant Durable Small and compact Multipurpose Package Content: 1x Magnetic hook


  • 2 in 1 Recliner Release Pull Handle With Cable

    ezonedeal 2 in 1 Recliner Release Pull Handle With Cable

    Description: Recliner Replacement Cable: The total length of the cable for the universal replaceable recliner handle is 100cm. The connection release handle is designed to be easy to use, it can be longer or longer than the previous cable, and the extra cable will only be hidden in the sofa. Aluminium Alloy Handle: The metal sofa release handle is made of aluminium alloy material, which is more durable than other plastic materials of the same style, has a longer service life, is durable and will not break. The surface is smooth and feels comfortable. Easy To Assemble: Even if you don’t have any manual skills, you can repair the handles and cords of the recliner in 10 minutes or less. You can enjoy the sofa or sofa assembly process. Durable: At the top of the recliner cable, there are two adjustable screws to help your handle repair and connection becomes stronger and more flexible, fit better than other fragile clip holder design. Universal Sofa Accessories: This sofa release handle is suitable for most major recliner brands and models. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Recliner release pull handle with cable Size: 11 * 6.6 * 3.4 cm Cable Size: 100cm Material: Alloy steel Color: Black Weight: 160gm Features: High quality Universal Easy to assemble Durable Easy to use Long service life Flexible Package Content: 1x Pull handle 1x Cable  


  • 11PCs Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Kit

    ezonedeal 11PCs Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Kit

    Description: Safe: Keep the rotary tool more steady. It is very safe when you are using the the rotary tool with it. Enables Precise Cutting In Wood, Metal, PVC etc Wide Compatibility: Compatible with other multi-tool machines including Dremel. Can be used on many rotary tools with a carved cap, great for many electric grinder drill rotary machine. Drill Use: suitable for wood, plastic and other soft materials, engraving, engraving, hollowing, chamfering, slotting, reaming, etc Easy To Use: Positioning cover for fixed drill grinders, milling cutters, tools, grinders with screw tools, can be directly connected to the holder in the rotary grinder and positioned. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Multipurpose power tools Size: 6.8 * 6.1 cm Material: ABS + Stainless steel Color: Black Weight: 65gm Features: High quality Precise cutting Easy screw-on Large window Easy to use Multipurpose cutting kit  Easy depth adjustment Durable Package Content: 1x Cutting guide 4x Drill 6x HSS router bits


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Q: What types of tools and hardware products do you offer on Ezonedeal?

A: We offer a comprehensive collection of tools and hardware products from leading brands. Our products include power tools, hand tools, hardware, safety gear, storage solutions, and more.

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A: Yes, all our products are sourced directly from manufacturers and are of high quality, ensuring reliability, durability, and safety.

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