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  • Double Sided Anti Skid Waterproof Carpet Baby Kids Mat Floor Rug Picnic Cushion for Crawling & Play s-l1600_53

    ezonedeal Double Sided Anti Skid Waterproof Carpet Baby Kids Mat Floor Rug Picnic Cushion for Crawling & Play

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    Description:   Soft floor surface for babies and children to play on from birth to school The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling and falls Foldable and convenient to carry. Ideal for outdoor picnic & camping. Water proof and easy to clean. Flexible and soft. Hygienic and safe Foil at one side makes it strong and makes easy to clean.Wipe with a soft damp cloth for food and drink, without worrying about stains and deep cleaning a carpet. Double-sided colorful patterns Both sides colorful patterns with letter attract the attention of the child, provide plenty of entertainment while fostering baby's learning & development. Feature: Type: Baby Crawling Floor Learning Mat Material: PE Cotton Color: Multi-color Flexible and soft/ Hygienic and safe Water proof and easy to clean Double side with different patterns for choosing The cushioned surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls 180cm x 120cm(about 71" x 47"),Thickness: 0.5cm(about 0.2") Package Include: 1 X Baby Crawling Mat

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  • VR Headset

    ezonedeal VR Headset

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    Description: Comfortable And Lightweight: Our innovative design weighs less than most of the other VR Headsets, which is light and comfortable to wear it for extended periods, without putting stress on your neck. The Extra Soft Eyes cushion padding surrounds your eyes with a comfortable feeling. We are providing you with a comfortable & and quality VR experience! Deep Immersive Experience: Featured wide-angle oversized lens and the screen is magnified to theater-sized screen with a 3D IMAX-like experience. It will give you an unlimited VR world, incredible visual fidelity and immersive feeling. Ultra-Flexible Clip: Slide in your phone and that's all! The ultra-flexible clip holds your phone securely with a natural rubber pad to protect it from scratches and also provides much ventilation to reduce heat for prolonged use. Easy OD Adjustment: Gaming and watching movies in VR boxes works best when your eyes properly align with the screen box. That’s why our VR Glasses offer FD and OD adjustments wide FOV to expand the viewing angle and perfectly match focal distance and unilateral myopic alignment for reduced distortion. Easy To Use: You can download over 1000 of vr apps from Apple Store and Google Play - for FREE. You can also enjoy fully interactive 3D videos from YouTube or dedicated VR websites. Immersing in fascinating 360° video games have never been easier. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: VR headset Size: 13 * 18.5 * 10 cm Material: ABS + PC Pupil Distance: 60-67mm Color: Black Item Weight: 660gm Features: High quality Compatibility with all phones (4.7” to 6.53”) 110° visual angle Ergonomic design HIFI headset Easy od adjustment Durable Detachable earphone Cardboard touch Comfortable design Widely used Package Content: 1x VR glasses 1x Cleaning cloth 1x Bluetooth controller 1x User manual

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  • Luminous Soccer Ball - Night Games, Glowing

    ezonedeal Luminous Soccer Ball - Night Games, Glowing

    Description: Reflective Effect: The luminous part of the sphere is designed with high-tech fluorescent material. As long as there is a light source, it can reflect light at night, such as sunlight, light, flashlight, cell phone flash. In bright light, irradiation for a few minutes, the luminosity is uniform and can glow for 1-3 hours, it looks very cool. Durable Material: Made of high quality material, safe and environmentally friendly, durable and wear-resistant, can be used for a long time. Cool Design: Holographic light-emitting soccer ball can quickly attract the eye and make you look cool and confident. It is a standard training soccer ball, you can freely show your soccer skills on the soccer field. Standard Size: Precise engraved lines, good air tightness, size 5 ball fits regular 11 players. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Luminous soccer ball Size: 5 Material: PU Color: Multicolor Weight: 395gm Features: High quality Wear resistant Eco-friendly Durable Holographic light-emitting ball Luminous Stylish pattern Package Content: 1x Luminous soccer ball


  • 1500PCS Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mat 1_af992d58-6d2f-4acc-a319-ae8ee07bf6d8

    ezonedeal 1500PCS Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mat

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    Description: incredible Portability – Transfer your puzzle from one location to another with ease in puzzle storage. Each roll-up jigsaw puzzle mat secures your completed progress and loose pieces, for quick and reliable transport. Smooth Polyester Top/Rubber Bottom – Solve countless puzzles on a roll-up puzzle mat with a natural material rubber bottom and fabric top. The unique combo offers a waterproof base and smooth surface for easy maneuvering. Helpful Accessories – Ensure your puzzles travel well with foam rolling tubes that connect through hook and loop fastener straps, and a drawstring storage bag. The 46” x 26” x 0.08" puzzle saver holds up to 1,500 pieces. Damage-Free Design – Keep your puzzles looking good as new with a damage-free rolling mat. With wide diameter foam tubes and a soft polyester surface, each puzzle keeper ensures all pieces are safely packed away. Rapid Cleanup Without Any Mess or Lost Pieces – Save time and energy with a puzzle roll that makes cleanup as easy as 1-2-3. Simply connect the foam tubes, roll with the puzzle saver mat, then place the item in the bag for safe storage. Say goodbye to messes from pets and children, while never losing a single piece of the puzzle. Easy To Use: Place your puzzle on the mat. Connect the foam tubes, align with the edges of the mat, then roll. Secure the roll with the nylon fastener straps, then place in the drawstring storage bag. With 46” x 26” dimensions and thickness is 0.08" ( 2 mm) dotted lines as perimeter guides, and the capacity to store puzzles up to 1,500 pieces, the Newverest Roll-Up Mat truly does make solving puzzles easier than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy way to transport your Newverest puzzles, a unique gift for a friend, or a convenient method to store your progress, you won’t be disappointed with a Newverest Roll-Up Puzzle Pad. Features: Type: Jigsaw Felt Mat Color: Black, Grey Material: Felt Size(L*W): Approx 26x46 inch / 66x118cm Large Capacity: Holding up to 1,500 pieces UNIQUE ANTI-LEAKING DESIGN Unrivaled Portability Smooth Fabric Top Non-Slip Rubber Bottom Perfect for Gifts Easy to Use Package Include: 1 x felt Mat  1 x Inflatable Tube  4 x Elastic Band  1 x Storage Bag 

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  • Kids Play Water Mat 2f4gsd_6

    ezonedeal Baby Play Water Mat

    Description: Fill the air in  Water Play Mat in the outer ring, fill the water or air in the center part, put it on the ground and let the fun begin. The is an essential tool to develop a solid head, it stimulates the development of the baby, neck and shoulder muscles, as well as eye and hand coordination, fine motor and social skills. It is a sensory delight that enhances brain development. Attractive Graphics - fascinated by bright colors, sharp contrasts, and cute floating toys. Rain or shine, tummy time is necessary. Your baby will try to catch and hit the brightly colored toys as they float. This baby pad will provide hours of stimulating quality and healthy fun. Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with the desired level of tap water, put it on the floor and let the fun begin. Water Play Mat is Easy to fold and take anywhere. Size: 26 inches wide by 20 inches tall by 2.4 inches tall. This  is made from durable PVC that has been thoroughly tested and does not leak air or water. From 3 months. Features: Type: Play Water Mat Color: Blue Size: 24inx26in Material: PVC non-toxic: Yes Print Design: Fish Thikness: 2.4in Package Includes: 1 X Play Water Mat


  • Multi Level Cat Tree

    ezonedeal Multi-Level Cat Tree - Gray - Interactive Playground for Cats

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    Description: Sturdy Structure: The 1.8m cat tree is built with a firm 54 x 54cm base for ultimate toughness and stability. Non Toxic: Made of E1 board wrapped in plush fabric surface, the cat tree also features natural sisal posts that are non-toxic and chemical-free for continual safe use by your feline friends. All In One: The cat tree comes with a multitude of activity-based construction that includes various levels for jumping, exploring or playing, ladders for climbing, hanging mice for hunting thrills, sisal posts for claws maintenance and various soft perching areas for rest or sleep. Worry Free Home: With the cat tree to keep your pet focussed on its natural instincts, you can worry less about damaged furniture and destroyed collectibles in your home. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Cat tree Size: 54 * 54 * 180 cm Frame Material: Fir wood Cover Material: Plush velvet Post Material: Natural sisal Color: Grey Weight: 25 kg Features: High quality Thicker base board Multi level design Modern stylish design Easy to assemble Sturdy structure Non toxic Stable wooden construction Natural sisal posts Bed cubes and cradles, ladder Hanging toys for extra fun Soft plush cover Package Content: 1x Cat tree 1x Assembly kit 1x Assembly manual

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  • Sale - 64% 120pcs Wooden Domino Blocks WoodenBlock01

    ezonedeal 120pcs Wooden Domino Blocks

    Description: Creative Toy: Perfect for hours of classic fun for children and adults alike. Perfect first building blocks for toddlers or color recognition with 12 bright colors! Safety Material: Made of environment-friendly wood and non-toxic paint to making them harmless and safe for playing. Classic Game: super fun for your kids to play! Set them up all in a row, and then push one and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over like a race. Excellent Use: It can be used in educational math games like counting, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplication. Also learning valuable skills of patience and developing imagination! Excellent Gift Choice: It can be given to children as a gift, and it is easy to get children's love. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Choking Hazard! Adult supervision is required for children under age 3 Specification: Type: Wooden blocks Block Size: 4.5 * 2 * 0.7 cm Material: Wooden Paint: Non-toxic paint Age: 3+ Color: Black, Dark green, Light green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red, Dark blue, Light blue, Dark brown, White, Pink Item Weight: 350gm Features: Lightweight Environment-friendly wood Smooth edge Stimulate kids' thinking abilities Cultivate patience and imagination Odourless Splinter-free Sturdy and durable Water-based paint Suitable as a math game Package Content: 120x Wooden domino blocks


  • 100PCs Mini Realistic Resin Ducks

    100PCs Mini Realistic Resin Ducks

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    Description: Realistic Shape: The miniature duck's shape is realistic and very beautiful. Here are 100 cute little duck figures in 10 colors, including yellow, white, pink, light pink, green, blue, light green, light blue, Orange and purple. Sturdy And Durable: Made of high-quality resin, the mini ducklings are strong, durable, not easy to fade, and can last longer. The duck miniature figure makes your miniature landscape last longer. Fairy Tale World:  These landscape garden ducks look so realistic and cute, easy to attract more attention; Resin material and adorable duck shape make them a nice decoration for a garden landscape, dollhouse and your bedroom, and they are also a good choice for fish tank and aquarium decoration, adding great fun to your life. Easy To Carry: The miniature figure is very small in size and light in weight, so it can be held directly in the hand, making it easy to carry. The mini duck takes up very little space and is easy to store. DIY Use: The tiny ducks are suitable for personal decoration and DIY use, so you can create and DIY beautiful miniature ornaments together with your friends and families. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Mini realistic resin ducks Size: 1.5 * 1.7 cm Material: Resin Color: Yellow + White + Pink + Light pink + Green + Blue + Light green + Light blue + Orange + Purple Weight: 140gm Features: High quality Small and realistic Durable Long-lasting Easy to carry Easy to store Perfect decoration DIY use Lightweight Widely used Package Content: 100x Mini realistic resin ducks

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  • Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker, 6.5"Description: Self Balancing Scooter with LED Wheels and LED Lights Hover Board for Adults Kids sadwqe

    ezonedeal Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker, 6.5"Description: Self Balancing Scooter with LED Wheels and LED Lights Hover Board for Adults Kids

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    Description: EASY RIDING -You can master it well in 5 minutes, hoverboard moving directions controlled by your body balance, you body center of gravity more forward, hoverboard will forward. LED FLASHING LIGHTS: The LED lights is like a star shining in the night sky, when you play in dark place, , it help you confirm the direction, Safe and Stable. STRONG TIRES -High quality rubber tires, non-slip footpads allow you to keep stability and traction. Easy to maintain balance, The travel will best safer and funny. BLUETOOTH MODE -The wireless speaker can be easily connected to your phone in second, you can ride, or sit next to the hoverboard or lie on the floor at home to enjoy your favorite music or books without wearing headphones. Smart Technology - This bluetooth hoverboard is capable of spinning 360 degree and climbing 15 degree slopes which makes your kids easily travel through ground, grass, and sand. Top Performance -This hoverboard comes with 300W dual motors that give your kids up to 9mph and cover a distance between 6-9 miles per ride. Anti-Slip Foot Pads - You wo lose balance while riding because there are anti-slip foot pads that ensure a safe and adequate grip. Features: Type: Hoverboard Color: White Motor Power: 300Wx2 Maximum Speed: 15km/h Limit Climbing Grade: 15-40 Degrees Limit Load: 100-120kg Battery Capacity: 1.8A Cruising Range: 7-10km Charging Time: 2-3 Hours Product Size: 59Cmx19Cmx19Cm Outer Box Length/Height/Width: 66.5Cmx25Cmx23Cm Body Weight With Packaging: 7kg Pedal Distance From The Ground: 11Cm Charger Voltage: Ac110-Ac220V 50-60Hz Package Includes: 1 x Self Balancing Scooter 1 x Charger 1 x Safety Accessories 

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  • 5-in-1 Kids Scooter, 3 Wheels Scooter

    ezonedeal 5-in-1 Kids Scooter: Adjustable Seat, Push Handle, LED Wheels

    Description: With assembled or fold-able seat, 5 in 1 kick scooter is a baby walker, scooter and drift scooter. Our kick scooter is designed for your kids to lean to steer, lean to turn right/ left, and learn how to balance, which will help toddlers gain confidence at early age. This kick kids scooter with removable seat is the best gift for you children. We do really believe this kick scooter will never fail to attract your children at any time. Features: 3-Wheel kick scooter with LED light up front wheels. Fashion appearance, simple operation, easy to control. With seat and detachable cartoon basket. The handlebar is made of soft and smooth plastic, which does not hurt the baby's hands. It is design for children from 1 to 8 year-old. With a comfortable & removable & adjustable seat. Both of the seat and handlebar have 3 adjustable height options. Extra wide brake is easy to use for quick and firm brake. 5-in-1 Modes: 1. Baby toddler Walker 2. Kids stroller 3. children scooter (sitting mode) 4. Kid's kick push scooter (standing mode) 5. Skating Board Specifications: Type : 5 in 1Scooter Color: Blue , Pink , Green With basket Yes Seat Adjustable, Removable Assembly Required: Yes Fordable :No T-bar Material: Steel Handle Grip: TPR Rubber Footplate: 100% NEW PP Deck size: L 56 X W 13 cm Brake: Rear Brake 100% NEW PP 2 pcs Front Wheel: 118—28 mm PU Wheel with lights 1 pc Rear wheel: 76—24 mm PU Wheel without lights Max load: 60 kgs Height adjustable handle bar: 66.5 cm-70.5 cm-75.5 cm Height adjustable seat: 15 cm-18 cm-22 cm Recommend Age: 6 months - 1 year: baby walker (scooter with padded seat saddle and back rest) 1 year - 2 year: kids toddler stroller (scooter with seat saddle and back rest) 2 year - 4 year: scooter with adjustable and removable seat saddle Over 4 year: kick push scooter without seat saddle Package include 1— kick scooter

  • Sale - 31% 1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 1_aeebb51e-4fdb-4fb5-b68b-a0a57ede0d10

    ezonedeal 1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs)

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    Description:  Premium quality PVC material made poke card creator pack, durable, waterproof and environmentally friendly.  Wonderful hand feeling poke card creator pack, , comfortable to grasp in your hand.  Easy to Read, Black cards come with blue words. Clear picture and brilliant color make them easy to read and not fade. Perfect for table games, home play, travel or other party games. You can feel free to play these flexible cards by your left or right hand. Great gift for all who loves playing cards or collectors. This playing card, suitable for children and adults.  Pack Poker Cards Set  Cool and fashion design, is a good plaything between you and your friends. Interesting  perfect for playing games. Features: Type: Poker Playing Materials: PVC Size: 6.3*8.8cm Quantity: 54pcs Color: Black and Blue Package Include: 1 Pack Poker Cards Set(54pcs)

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  • 2400mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack With USB Cable For XBOX ONE Controller Wireless s-l1600_3__31_2

    ezonedeal 2400mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack With USB Cable For XBOX ONE Controller Wireless

    Description: Battery Can be Charged Through any USB Port Compatible with: Xbox One Wireless Controller Simply Pop the Battery Pack into your Controller and you'll Never have to Worry about Buying & Replacing AA Batteries ever Again Rechargeable Battery 2400mAh Large Capacity Upgrade your Xbox One Wireless Controller Battery Never Run out of Battery when you are in the Middle of Games Fits Directly into Conrtroller Battery Compartment It is Made of High Quality Cells and Utilizes Thermal Protectors and Circuit Breakers to Maximum Efficiency, Reliability and Safety of the Battery Charged by USB cable via your XBOX ONE or USB device Feature: 2400mah Xbox ONE Rechargeable Battery Black(+Charge Cable) Capacity: 2400mAh Input Voltage: DC 5V Battery Output: 2.4V - 3.0V Initial Charge Time: 8 ~ 10 Hours Supplied with Micro Power Cable Package Include: 1 x Rechargeable Battery 1 x USB Cable 


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