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  • Magnetic Hook

    ezonedeal Magnetic Hook

    Description: Industrial Magnetic Hook: The extra strong magnetic hooks are made of neodymium magnets offer more than 25lbs attractive force on horizontal application, reduce to nearly 9lbs if used vertically. Best Coating: Triple Layer Coated. The best coating available, which provides a shiny and rust resistant coated steel cup provides protection for the metal magnet hooks and helps to prevent chipping or cracking, Safe to Use! Easy to Use: The smooth bottom of the magnetic hook prevents scratches, eliminates the need for drilling, sticky residue and tools, and is easy to remove and install anywhere. Multi Purpose Magnetic Hook: The neodymium magnetic hook usually used for hang hats, keys, towels in your refrigerator, living room, indoor, and workshop wherever there are iron or steel. Perfect use for hang little gadgets. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Magnetic hook Size: 1.5 * 3.7 cm Material: Neodymium Color: Silver Weight: ‎12gm Features: High quality Lightweight Powerful magnetic Easy to use Rust resistant Durable Small and compact Multipurpose Package Content: 1x Magnetic hook


  • 2 in 1 Recliner Release Pull Handle With Cable

    ezonedeal 2 in 1 Recliner Release Pull Handle With Cable

    Description: Recliner Replacement Cable: The total length of the cable for the universal replaceable recliner handle is 100cm. The connection release handle is designed to be easy to use, it can be longer or longer than the previous cable, and the extra cable will only be hidden in the sofa. Aluminium Alloy Handle: The metal sofa release handle is made of aluminium alloy material, which is more durable than other plastic materials of the same style, has a longer service life, is durable and will not break. The surface is smooth and feels comfortable. Easy To Assemble: Even if you don’t have any manual skills, you can repair the handles and cords of the recliner in 10 minutes or less. You can enjoy the sofa or sofa assembly process. Durable: At the top of the recliner cable, there are two adjustable screws to help your handle repair and connection becomes stronger and more flexible, fit better than other fragile clip holder design. Universal Sofa Accessories: This sofa release handle is suitable for most major recliner brands and models. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Recliner release pull handle with cable Size: 11 * 6.6 * 3.4 cm Cable Size: 100cm Material: Alloy steel Color: Black Weight: 160gm Features: High quality Universal Easy to assemble Durable Easy to use Long service life Flexible Package Content: 1x Pull handle 1x Cable  


  • pH Meter Tester Pen

    ezonedeal pH Meter Tester Pen

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    Description: Free Auxiliary Standard Calibration: long press CAL for 5 seconds to enter the calibration mode, and press to select the powder corresponding to 6.86 and 4.01to complete the calibration. Likewise, pH meters feature automatic temperature compensation that adjusts for water temperature and water quality, giving a pH reading almost instantly. Simple Operation: Easy to use and calibrate. Just press the "ON" button to get the PH test result of the water, and just press the "OFF" button to turn off. You can calibrate a digital pH meter by pressing the "CAL" button and immersing the electrode in the solution, the tester has a sensitive electrode sensor to read accurate pH. The accompanying detailed manual will show you how to get the best accurate and stable readings. ATC Function: Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) for accurate readings in fluctuating temperatures. Suitable For Many Occasions: Ideal for testing pH in drinking water, swimming pools, aquariums, reverse osmosis systems, spas or hydroponics; ideal for testing water, swimming pools, aquariums, spas, hydroponics, food, wine, beer and RO system, etc. As a tool to improve the quality of life, basically all environments that need to test the pH value can use this tester to get accurate data. Portable: As a pen, it is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and can be conveniently placed in your pocket when you go out, allowing you to measure water quality issues anytime, anywhere. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Warning: This product contains button battery. Hazardous if swallowed. Specification: Type: UV light glue pen Size: 15.2 * 3.2 cm Measure Range: 0.00 - 14.00 pH Resolution: 0.01 pH Operating Temp: 0°C - 60°C Material: ABS Color: Blue Weight: ‎95gm Features: High quality Accurate and reliable Easy calibration Wide application ATC function Durable Portable Large HD screen Clip on back Easy to use Package Content: 1x pH meter 1x Case 1x Instruction 2x Button batteries (Built-in) 2x pH powder

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  • 11PCs Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Kit

    ezonedeal 11PCs Rotary Multi Tool Cutting Kit

    Description: Safe: Keep the rotary tool more steady. It is very safe when you are using the the rotary tool with it. Enables Precise Cutting In Wood, Metal, PVC etc Wide Compatibility: Compatible with other multi-tool machines including Dremel. Can be used on many rotary tools with a carved cap, great for many electric grinder drill rotary machine. Drill Use: suitable for wood, plastic and other soft materials, engraving, engraving, hollowing, chamfering, slotting, reaming, etc Easy To Use: Positioning cover for fixed drill grinders, milling cutters, tools, grinders with screw tools, can be directly connected to the holder in the rotary grinder and positioned. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Multipurpose power tools Size: 6.8 * 6.1 cm Material: ABS + Stainless steel Color: Black Weight: 65gm Features: High quality Precise cutting Easy screw-on Large window Easy to use Multipurpose cutting kit  Easy depth adjustment Durable Package Content: 1x Cutting guide 4x Drill 6x HSS router bits


  • 6Pcs Countersink Drill Bits CountersinkDrillBits01

    ezonedeal Countersink Drill Bits - Flutter-free - 6Pcs

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    Description: Strong & Durable: Countersink drill bits are made of high speed steel. With high-frequency quenching for heat treatment, they have high hardness and toughness, durable and strong, not easy to rust, provide a long service life. 5 Flute Design: The five flutes design of these countersinks provides small chip loads and quicker removal, reduces vibration for smoother drilling, discharge wood sawdust more rapidly and smoothly and extended life. The point is at a 90° angle for sharp and precise countersinking. The blade is hardened and polished to improve sharpness. Multiple Size: Countersink drill bits are suitable for most power tools. 6/8/9/12/16/19mm drill bits can meet your different needs. There are marks on the countersink drills, so you can easily and quickly select the drill you need. Wide Application: The countersink drill bit is ideal for chamfering, debarring and countersinking. It is suitable for most material, such as wooden board, fibreboard, particle board, plywood, plastic, aluminium, pcb board and more. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Countersink Drill Bit Set Size: 0.6, 0.8, 0.9, 1.2, 1.6, 1.9 cm Material: High speed steel Color: Gold Item Weight: 170gm Features: High quality Durable Professional design Easy to operate Flutter-free Wide application Sharp and precise countersinking Package Content: 1x 0.6cm drill bit 1x 0.8cm drill bit 1x 0.9cm drill bit 1x 1.2cm drill bit 1x 1.6cm drill bit 1x 1.9cm drill bit


  • 60Pcs T-Taps Wire Terminal Connectors Connectors01

    ezonedeal 60pcs T-Taps Wire Terminal Connectors - Assorted Colors

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    Description: Premium Material: Insulated connectors are made of durable material Brass and PVC. Nylon male disconnects have been designed to lock tightly on the T-Tap connectors to prevent sliding out. Tap Into Any Wire: Self stripping electrical T Tap connectors will tap into any wire without needing to cut, strip or solder. Mid span wiretapping has never been easier before. Thick Contacts: Thicker contacts will not bend even when tapping into thicker wires. Quality: Quick splice T Tap connectors will securely lock on the wire. Plastic housing will not open after it has snapped on the wire. Perfect Fitting: The male disconnects have been designed to lock tightly on the T Tap connectors to prevent sliding out. Wide Application: Suitable for home and automotive applications. Whether you're working on your automotive cable, at home or a scientific project, this electrical quick splice connectors it your good choice for wiring. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Wire connectors Male Spade Connector: 2.5 cm Quick Splice Wire Connector: 3.7 cm Diameter: 0.35cm(Red), 0.45cm(Blue), 0.7cm(Yellow) Terminals Spade: 0.6cm Terminals: 1.1cm Red: Suits cable/ wire sizes (0.5-1.5mm) Blue: Suits cable/ wire sizes (1.5-2.5mm) Yellow: Suits cable/ wire sizes (4.0-6.0mm)  Material: PVC, Brass, Nylon Color: Red, Blue, Yellow Item Weight: 60gm Features: High quality material Easy to use Insulated spice connectors Durable Wide compatibility Time saving wire connection method Package Content: 10x Red quick splice connectors 10x Yellow quick splice connectors 10x Blue quick splice connectors 10x Red male spade connectors 10x Yellow male spade connectors 10x Blue male spade connectors


  • Sale - 55% Portable Saw Converter with Blades SawConverter01_63c66adf-508f-48f3-8d65-1ecfefb428b4

    ezonedeal Portable Saw Converter with Blades

    Description: Safe and Durable: Drill converter kit is made of high-quality engineering ABS and metal materials, with good impact resistance, scratch resistance, and dimensional durability, which ensures the safety and stability in usage. Ergonomic Handle: The portable reciprocating saw adapter with ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold, safe to carry. It can maintain stability of the whole using process, reducing more vibration and keep you a good working experience. Efficient Work: The unique mechanical structure design makes the electric drill work and transmission efficiency high, more convenient to use, can improve work efficiency, save time and energy. With Saw Blades: The drill modified attachment equipped with 6pcs saw blades including 2pcs 15.2cm wood cutting blades, 2pcs 10cm wood cutting blades, 2pcs 13.2cm metal cutting blades, which can be quickly replaced. Wide Application: The reciprocating saw attachment can convert an electric drill into a reciprocating saw, has a wide range of use, which is suitable for most electric drills. It can use directly on an electric drill, power drill, impact drill, cordless drill. Note: Actual product colour may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Power tool parts Drill Converter Size: 13.2 * 9 * 5.5 cm Saw Blades: 15.2 * 1 cm, 13.2 * 1 cm, 10 * 0.8 cm Hadle Size: 10 * 3.8 cm Material: ABS + Metal Cutting Material: Wood, Metal, Plastic Color: Black Item Weight: 415gm Features: High quality Ultra compact design Comfortable handle Portable Light weight Durable Impact resistant High transmission efficiency Package Content: 1x Drill converter 1x Handle 2x 10 cm saw blade 2x 13.2 cm saw blade 2x 15.2 cm saw blade


  • Sale - 58% Furniture Lifter sd6f55sdf_10

    ezonedeal Furniture Lifter Tool -4pcs

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    Description: You need to lift furniture off the ground 1/8 inch height to let the furniture lifter under the furniture, and the height of the feet can not be higher than 0.5inch/3.3cm to avoid your funiture tilting. Not suitable for irregular furniture Put the lifter under to furniture and lift it up(can lift your furniture to 2" high), then let 4 pcs rollers into the 4 corners. It can bear 150 KG/330Lbs, so you can easily move furniture or heavy objects. Made by durable steel body, PVC plastic spraying handle with anti-slip design. The 4 pack wheel rollers are made by ABS plastic. 360 degree formable and rotatable pads conforms to furniture legs, appliance feet to hold securely. Great for sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, beds, piano, washer/dryer, refrigerator, etc. EzoneDeal takes the protection of your household surfaces to the next level with innovative furniture pads, crafted for the preservation and care of your flooring. These pads serve as a trusty barrier, meticulously designed to prevent unsightly scratches and dents that are all too common with daily furniture movement. Constructed from a dense felt material, these furniture pads provide a thick cushion that allows chairs, tables, and other heavy items to slide smoothly across any type of flooring, from hardwood to laminate and tile. Easy to apply, thanks to their self-adhesive backing, EzoneDeal's furniture lifter adheres securely to furniture feet, ensuring a long-lasting hold that's both functional and unobtrusive. Available in various sizes to accommodate an extensive range of furniture legs, these pads are an essential addition to any home. Upgrade your home protection with furniture pads today! Suitable for : A handy and labor saving tool for moving, cleaning, room layout changes to redesign and rearrange living spaceSuitable for use on hard wood floors, laminates and carpetIdeal for home or office furniture,such as sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, beds, filing cabinets, piano, washer/dryer, refrigerator and other home appliances Features: Type: Furniture Lifter tool Material: Steel body, ABS plastic wheel roller, A3 pry bar, PVC handle, Spray surface Product weight: 1.3KG Mobile board size: 105 * 80 * 22MM How to Use: Put the lifter under to furniture and lift it up Let 4 pcs rollers into the 4 corners Remove the furniture lifter and let your furniture moved by 4 mover pad sliders Package Included: 1x red crowbar 4x red panel

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  • 40PCs Hex Torx Spline Socket Bit Set

    40PCs Hex Torx Spline Socket Bit Set

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    Description: High Quality: The screwdriver bit using Chrome vanadium steel material set includes the most commonly used screwdriver accessories. 3 Types: The set includes hex, spline and Torx bits in various sizes and different lengths. All of the bits, except for a few of the larger bits, share the same 12mm diameter hex base, which allows faster bit changes. Two-Bit Holders: There are two-bit holders of different sizes (1/2in Dr.x100mm, 3/8in Dr.x10mm) in this bits set. Storage Box: The metal case that the bits come in is an industrial-strength case that is strong durable and Easy to carry. Easy To Use: Find the right drill bit set for the job working on repairs, remodeling, or any other household project. Each bit has its size imprinted on the bit itself, making it easy to identify them after you've removed a handful from the case. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen.  Specification: Type: Hex torx spline socket bit set Size: 31 * 15 * 2.5cm Material: Chrome vanadium steel Color: Red + Black + Silver Weight: 1900gm Features: High quality Easy to use Durable Abrasion resistance Easy storage Interchangeable Long-lasting performance Widely used Package Content: 1x Storage box 2x Bit holders 7x 30mm hex bits 7x 75mm hex bits  5x 30mm spline bits 5x 75mm spline bits 7x 30mm torx bits 7x 75mm torx bits

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  • Ratchet Crimping Plier

    Ratchet Crimping Plier

    Description: Material: Clamp body material: Steel; Jaw material: nickel-chromium alloy; Handle material: TPR Surface treatment: Blackening. Professional Crimping Tool: This wire terminal crimper crimping for 6/10/16/25mm² insulated or tube terminals. The ratcheting wire crimper has an efficient ratcheting mechanism and professional-grade crimping for rock-solid crimps. Precise: Wire connectors are crimped by squeezing the handle through a complete ratcheting cycle until the handle releases automatically. Ergonomic Design: The handle is made of soft rubber and designed with an ergonomic lever structure, which can increase friction and help you use less effort when crimping. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Crimping plier Size: 23 * 6cm Material: Nickel-chromium alloy Crimping Range: AWG 10-4 (6-25mm²) Color: Blue Weight: 600gm Features: High quality Wear resistance Durable Ergonomic handle Quick and precise Safe and convenient Adjustable ratchet structure Easy to use Widely used Package Content: 1x Crimping plier


  • 12V 240V 10A Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Converter

    12V 240V 10A Socket Car Cigarette Lighter Converter

    Description: Product Specification: Input: 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz; Output: 12V DC, 10A maximum 120W; Applicable to automotive equipment with traction less than 10A, such as 5A, and 8A. Please do not use this power adapter for a long time to supply power to equipment above 120W. Otherwise, the service life will be greatly shortened. 2.5M power cord, wide range of applications. Wide Applicability: AC to DC power converter works on 100-240V household electricity to 12V 10A DC power applicable to any automobile power equipment below 120W, such as tyre inflator, automobile cooler, automobile vacuum cleaner, automobile refrigerator, automobile massage pad and automobile fan. Multiple Safety Protections: Built-in Features and Premium Materials Protect Against over Charging, Short Circuits, over Powering, over Current, Overheating, over Discharge, over Voltage. Simple And Portable: Just plug the AC/DC converter's adapter into a power outlet and connect your device through a cigarette lighter to make AC to DC. Weight 1.3 pounds, length, width and height are respectively 16.7 * 6.3 * 3.5cm, input cord length 120cm, Compact and portable, easy to carry and store. Precautions: Generally, the instantaneous starting current of equipment with built-in motor (such as automobile vacuum cleaners and inflators) is much higher than the rated current. Therefore, 12V 10A power is suitable for 12V 8A ~ 10A automobile vacuum cleaners and inflators. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: AC to DC converter Size: 16.7 * 6.3 * 3.5cm Material: PC + ABS Input: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.6A Output: DC 12volts-10A Power: 120W  Color: Black Weight: 465gm Features: High quality Safe and reliable High conductivity Simple and portable Universal design Multiple safety protections Durable Easy to use Widely used Package Content: 1x Adapter


  • 128PCs Mini Sewing Accessories

    128PCs Mini Sewing Accessories

    Description: All-In-One Sewing Kit: 128 Pcs - Includes 40 x spools of thread (Assorted Colors), 30 x stainless-steel needles, 40 x XL pearl-headed sewing pins, 1 x stainless steel scissors, 1 x metal thimble (not plastic), 1 x soft tape measure (not rigid), 3 x resin shirt buttons, 1 x seam ripper, 4 x snap buttons, 1 x marking pencil, 1 x metal crochet hook, 1 X plastic sweater needle, 2 x safety pins, 1 x needle threader, 1 x magnifying glass. Zippered Storage Case: A mini bag full of sewing supplies. The compact design of this sewing kit makes it convenient to carry and store, the best for home, office, and travel. Everything In Its Place: The straps hold the spools and tools in their places, which makes it easy to find and mend anything you want without any worry about losing it in your bag, purse, drawer or anywhere! Multifunction: It is great for replacing missing buttons, fixing ripped seams, a quick hem touch-up or adding to your embroidery collection or complimenting your sewing machine. The kit can be used for home, DIY, hobby, beginners, emergency, adult and children, camping, hiking etc. Widely Applicable: This sewing kit makes an amazing gift for Mother's Day, Children's Day and Christmas, and is convenient for frequent travellers, mothers, grandmothers, backpackers and young girls! The sewing kit is good for women and is something that people love to use regardless of the season. It is also a great helper for DIY lovers and basic home repairing, suitable for beginners and professionals. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Mini sewing accessories Size: 17.5 * 12cm Material: Stainless steel + plastic + metal Color: Black + Red Weight: 155gm Features: High quality Zippered storage case Multifunction Widely used Lightweight and portable Easy to use DIY kit All in one sewing kit Durable Package Content: 1x Scissor 1x Metal thimble 1x Metal crochet hook 1x Sweater needle 1x needle threader 1x Soft tape measure 1x Magnifying glass 1x Seam ripper 1x Marking pencil 1x Zipper pouch 2x Safety pins 3x Resin buttons 4x Snap buttons 30x needles 40x Spools of thread 40x Pearl-headed sewing pins


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