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1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 1_aeebb51e-4fdb-4fb5-b68b-a0a57ede0d10
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 2_f8dd4d81-f212-47e4-bb38-7819ee6f8d31
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 3_db3b60ef-46b5-4ee7-ad40-68ceaddc1a7a
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 4_202bb96d-c1e2-461a-b5df-df1d222e7a87
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 5_d720a77a-f8e8-4273-a00f-1a830dd0ff07
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 6_342e94fb-a210-411e-98d1-036cd60ee5bd
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 7_d383d74e-f1fd-4e09-a291-ae4a3273f5dd
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 8_68daa194-cb53-4622-b8ac-9303ade646a8
1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs) 9_0347bbc4-6c27-4a0f-91fc-c04cae748ead

1 Pack Poker Cards Set (54pcs)

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  •  Premium quality PVC material made poke card creator pack, durable, waterproof and environmentally friendly.
  •  Wonderful hand feeling poke card creator pack, , comfortable to grasp in your hand.
  •  Easy to Read, Black cards come with blue words. Clear picture and brilliant color make them easy to read and not fade.
  • Perfect for table games, home play, travel or other party games. You can feel free to play these flexible cards by your left or right hand.
  • Great gift for all who loves playing cards or collectors.
  • This playing card, suitable for children and adults.
  •  Pack Poker Cards Set  Cool and fashion design, is a good plaything between you and your friends.
  • Interesting  perfect for playing games.


  • Type: Poker Playing
  • Materials: PVC
  • Size: 6.3*8.8cm
  • Quantity: 54pcs
  • Color: Black and Blue

Package Include:

  • 1 Pack Poker Cards Set(54pcs)