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10Pcs Anti Crow Collar for Roosters Cockerel No Crow Noise Neck Belt

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  • The collar is not easy to break with strong strength, will not hurt your pet's neck Nylon Roosters Collars.
  • Made of nylon, the chicken neckband is and can be applied for a time Noise Free Poultry Collars.
  • Can prevent chickens from chirping and disturbing neighbors, suitable for chicken, ducks, geese, etc noise free collar.
  • These no crow rooster collars are designed to significantly reduce the volume and frequency of crowing Rooster Collars.
  • Adjustable design, enough to fit larger-sized pet chickens, can be adjusted freely Poultry Supply.
  • With the small and light design, will not cause much burden to chickens' neck Nylon Poultry Collars.
  • Suitable for chicken duck goose and other poultry.
  • Can effectively prevent rooster from crowing disturbing neighbors rest.


  • Type : Anti Crow Collar
  • Material: nylon
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Approx.20.5x2cm/8.07x0.79 inch
  • safe, durable, the collar is adjustable.
  • It is a kind of belt to reduce sound for roosters.
  • Note: It's not guaranteed to fully stop your rooster crowing.


  • Tips: Give your guy some time to adjust to having something on his neck by allowing him to wear it loosely at first.
  • We recommend starting the collar loose, then adjusting it a bit tighter every day until you have found the most effective fit. Do watch very, very closely for signs of distress or difficulty breathing. The collar should fit close, like a belt.

Package Include:

  • 10PCS X Chicken Collars


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