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2PCS Recovery Tracks Sand

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  • 【Excellent capabilities】: raised tracks can effectively enhance its own friction, and it can also prevent your car from getting stuck. It uses its specific structure to provide emergency traction for vehicle tires, prevent car tires from spinning in harsh environments such as snow, sand, mud or ice, thereby reducing the possibility of injury. It is suitable for all vehicles.
  • 【Reasonable design】: track adopts the specific elastic design. It uses a U-shape to maintain its own stability and grip, and provides a strong gripping ability to prevent the vehicle from sliding or dislocation. At the same time, the track can help off-road vehicles without dragging or pushing. It is truly convenient and as a product worth buying. You can not miss it!
  • 【Bright Colors aren' t Afraid of UV and the Passage of Time】The traction boards are made of a UV-stabilized, flexible, and strong reinforced engineering-grade nylon.and are ideal   for use in off-road settings, on snow, or in deep mud or sand. And these traction mats are a breeze to clean and don't succumb to damage from UV rays, so their vibrant color   won't fade over time.
  • 【100% Raw Materials can Adapt Well to Various Environments】This traction boards using firm materials selected for durability and a long life. This traction boards work well in both hot and cold climates, and can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees below zero.
  •  Contour Ramp: Contoured to fit most tyres, the ramps are designed for an easier entering and drive up, and can also be used as shovels.
  •  Tough Leash: Neon orange nylon leash makes it a breeze to retrieve your recovery boards when the it is buried in the ground, and is highly visible against dark.


  • Type:Recovery Tracks
  • Material:Reinforced strong nylon
  • Color :Black
  • Dimension : 920 x 320 x 125 mm(Each)
  • Maximum Load: 10 Tons
  • Ambient Temperatures: 10°C ~ 70°C

Package Include:

  • 1 x 1 Pair Recovery Boards