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415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 3_a786f835-05c2-42ce-8b2e-faa41e15a33b
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 4_65ffed1b-505d-462d-b37b-7e25b66a3364
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 5_0c018730-26e6-4f1f-9856-97aa89ecafd5
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 6_9a09cb0e-ac74-48f1-a1a9-246d52a272f5
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 7_36a7d53b-ff6c-43b2-85d6-3e2b4f729131
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 8_d8ea3ce2-6453-4acd-b623-65de0bb8f33a
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 9_08729691-1b91-4cff-b95b-7467a59a1347
415Pcs Push Retainer Kit 10_4f933b5b-4a26-4353-bc20-fa8b5d903aac

415Pcs Push Retainer Kit

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  • Description



  • SAVE TIMEFRUSTRATION AND MONEY - No need to go to an auto parts store and look for different fasteners. We have them in the box for what you need.
  • WIDELY APPLICATION -These push clips are widely used for trim panel clips, door trim clips, door panel clips, bumper clips, Fender clips, engine cover, and splash shield retainers replacement. It always covers some applications including telecom equipment, motor vehicles, domestic appliances, furniture, and electrical equipment.
  • EASY STORAGE - Comes with a plastic box with 18 compartments for organized storage. Compact size, lightweight, and convenient to store or carry within your car.
  • Perfectly replaces the original bumper fastening clips, which tend to break during disassembly. Universal for most the car models such as for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Honda, etc. 
  • A removal tool can help you quickly install and remove clips, door panels, and trim supports, with no damage to the automotive.


  • Type: Car Body Plastic Rivets Pin 
  • Material: Plastic 
  • Color: Black
  • Quantity: 415Pcs/Set (18 popular sizes)
  • Box Size (L x W x H): approx. 27.5 x 17.5 x 4.5cm
  • High Quality
  • Most Convenient and Space Saving 

Package Include:

  • 1 x 415Pcs Push Retainer Kit