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5PCS Screws Extractor

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  • Description



  • APPLICABILITY: Remove the broken or damaged screws.
  • EASY TO USE: Just 3 easy steps. Removes every stripped screw in 10 seconds or less!
  • MATERIAL: NINDEJIN double head damaged screw remover is made of high speed steel 4341; hex shank hex shank 1/4" is made of high speed steel 4241.
  • DIFFERENT SIZE AND TYPE: This screw remover set itself comes with five different size bits. Two sides can be used. So it can be used on any screw types / size. The hex shank 1/4" Threaded head design for better grip and better use;
  • Firstly, using drill head to penetrate drill, be careful not to use the impact hammer gear, with the normal screwdriver gear.
  • Secondly drilling time to the slowest speed, there is a fixed speed with fixed speed, no in the end speed file a certain to be able to evenly rotate.
  • After the volley speed is stable and then aligned with the top of the screw center for a long time. Don't worry, be patient.
    Then when you obviously felt drilled into and drilled for a while, and then for another.
  • The head rotates, puts the rotating head into the hole just drilled, presses and turns on the electric screws .
  • It can be removed normally.
  • The whole process reverse operation


  • Remover 0 # diameter 2-3mm
  • Remover 1 # diameter 3-5mm
  • Remover 2 # diameter 4-8mm
  • Remover 3 # diameter 5-10mm
  • Remover 4 # diameter 6-12mm


  • Type: Screws Extractor
  • Color: Silver 
  • Material : High Speed Steel 4341 / S2
  • Size: 5-Size
  • Bag Includes: Yes
  • Box Color: black
  • Box Size: 8*5.5*1cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 X 5Pcs Broken Screws Extractor Set
  • 1 X Box