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32 pcs Polymer Clay 2_fa4bb954-3a71-465b-b448-5113687adb10
32 pcs Polymer Clay 3_143184c4-bca1-442b-8eb4-0dbc9090eead
32 pcs Polymer Clay 4_85207fa1-5ee2-4768-b4bb-459b40b8d30c
32 pcs Polymer Clay 5_00c285d5-4111-45ea-b13f-5c306879a8a1
32 pcs Polymer Clay 6_e17f48eb-84c0-41a7-b573-c9a166368214
32 pcs Polymer Clay 7_2582e2ff-6498-4103-8b69-22a832658d0b
32 pcs Polymer Clay 8_295d15be-3ddc-47e8-91ca-fba99a87e22d

32 pcs Polymer Clay

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  • Description



  • Soft and sticky, feel good, no need to worry about dirty clothes
  • The newest and most malleable version of the premier polymer clay.
  • Good toughness after baked can reach more than 180° bend without breaking.
  • Great for modeling, card toppers, scrapbooking embellishments, and much more.
  • Conducive to the intellectual development of children.
  • Easy to Shape: Made from non-toxic and eco-friendly soft polymer molding magic clay, easy to bend and stretch. Soft, smooth, non-stick, and stretchy.
  • Convenient to Storage: Each slime and craft clay are wrapped in a plastic bag separately.
  • Two Stereotypes Methods: Good in Boiled (cold water is heated to boil and kept for 10-20 minutes) or Bared Method (oven set temperature of 135℃ (275℉) and bake 10-15 minutes).

Oven Backing Stereotypes Method:

  • Preheat the Oven to 100℃(212℉) for 10 minutes.
  • Put the clay works into Oven, Set the Baking temperature at 135℃(275℉).
  • Baking Time: 10 minutes - 15 Minutes (Depends on Your Clay Works Sizes).
  • Do not exceed the recommended baking time! Baking should be completed by an adult


  • Type: Clay Moulding DIY Toy
  • Material: Fimo
  • Size: 30 x 200 x 10mm
  • Color: 32 colors (a set)
  • Easy to Shape
  • Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Brightly-Colored
  • good tools for shaping and sculpting
  • Ideal for Beginners and Children to Make Small Ornaments, Model Animals
  • Great for Imagination, Creativity, and Intellectual Development 

Package Include:

  • 1 x 32 pcs Polymer Clay