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Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt) 1_5fcfb9f3-ed88-425b-87e9-e5ba153d5d4f
Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt) 2_5c731062-bc79-4f94-9d1d-e9b4d50f1914
Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt) 3_e5d6cee0-e4c3-471f-87af-7b537029513c
Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt) 4_8ab64543-3c8e-4f83-ae79-7a8d45945f2a
Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt) 5_60b072ee-7996-45b5-8279-017cf2a8d814

Anti-slip Mouse Pad (Green Matt)

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  • Description

  • Anti-static treated top-layer of the razer mouse pad ensures mice used with this mat remain free of electric discharge over extensive use
  • The edges have also been redesigned to prevent fraying, giving the mat longer lasting durability
  • Substantially larger than the average mouse mat, the razer gigantic provides you with ample space to maneuver reducing the need to lift and reposition your mouse between swipes.
  • With 5 mm thick high density foam and a rubberized base, the razer gigantic stays firmly in place, even over imperfect surfaces, providing a reliable foundation for consistent mouse movement.
  • Ultra large size for low dpi game play
  • Textured cloth finish for perfect balance between speed and control game play
  • Specialized texture design for increased precision.
  • Specifications:
  • Smooth optically reflective material
  • Bottom material is non slip
  • Very good for uneven surfaces
  • Comfortable and convenient to use
  • Large mouse pad for your PC and laptop
  • Smooth surface texture
  • Provide you excellent moussing experience for gaming, graphic design etc.
  • Type: Mouse Pad
  • Color: Green
  • Size: 29cm x 25cm
  • Material: Rubber & Smooth Fabric
  • Mouse Pad Design: Patterned
  • Model: Speed Edition
Package Includes:
1 x Mouse Pad