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Bag Holder Clips
Bag Holder Clips
Bag Holder Clips

Bag Holder Clips


Color: Red

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  • This clever storage bag holder has adjustable arms to accommodate bags of different sizes, with clips at the ends of each arm to secure the storage bag in place, making it easier for you to fill it up.
  • Holds open storage bags when pouring
    Hands-free operation.
  • Non-slip rubber base; adjustable, suitable for most size storage bags
    Folds flat, easy to store.
  • Open the arms of the wide-open food bag holder.
    Insert the food storage bag under the arm clip. If necessary, adjust the height of the arm to place the storage bag on the base of the Baggy Rack.
  • Fill the storage bag. Then, carefully remove the bag from the clip and seal tightly.
  • To use it as a loose dryer, open your arms and place a bag upside down on each arm. Place on sink or dishes to dry.
    The overhead dishwasher is safe. Folds flat for easy storage of drawers.


  • Color: Green, Red
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Size: 18.5 * 9 cm

Package Include:

  • 2 X bag holder
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Red, Green