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Car Washer Gun Bottle

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  • Easy To Install & Use: Turn the top knob right / closed to get the thickest mixture, adjust the nozzle to get a proper spray pattern, and let it loose. The adjustable snow foam lance can accurate mixing and foam generation.
  • Fast Cleaning & Time Saving: Compared to the traditional way of washing cars, this foam cannon produces a nice thick layer of foam on the car, helps clean the vehicle faster and reduces the wash time considerably. Using a snow foam cannon not only let you enjoy a pleasure of car wash, but also have luxury car wash at home.
  • Excellent Quality: Spray nozzles and adjustable knobs are durable plastics that are not easily broken.The bottle is very thick and the good sealing of the nozzle makes the foam car wash never leaks.The tank of the foam lance is big enough(capacity: 1L), you can wash two sedan cars or one big SUV with one bottle. The bottle has a volumetric scale on the surface so you can clearly see the remaining foam inside the bottle.
  • Adjustable Nozzle: For accurate mixing and foam generation. Turn the top knob right to get the thickest mixture, adjust the nozzle to get a proper sprinkle pattern, and let it loose.
  • Easy To Recognise: The color of the soap bottle is light, and the remaining amount of soap can be easily identified. The bottle is very thick, and the good sealing of the nozzle prevents the foam from leaking.
  • Widely Used: The car foam cannon can be used for Car, Motorcycle Washing, floors,Windows washing, Driveways, Roofs, Siding washing and so on.Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.
  • Some Tips for Use: Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap -- Help your solution mix together. Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. Can be adjusted to spray in a decent fan pattern. Adjust the knob on the top to control water mix in. Minus (-) sign indicates less water (so more foam is produced), the (+) indicates more water (so less foam is produced).

Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen.


  • Type: Gun bottle
  • Size: 28 * 8.5 cm
  • Material: Copper, sStainless steel, Plastic
  • Capacity: 1L
  • Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉
  • Requires Pressure: 150BAR - 2175PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 300BAR - 4350PSI
  • Color: White + Black
  • Item Weight: 730gm


  • High quality material
  • Durable
  • High pressure water gun body
  • Trigger lock
  • Detachable design
  • Easy to carry and storage
  • Adjustable knob

Package Content:

  • 1x 1L bottle
  • 1x High pressure washer gun
  • 1x Nozzle

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