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Nasal Strip

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  • Description



  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Enduring  nasal plasters will stay in place for over 12 hours
  • Flexible and designed for comfort
  • Drug-free
  • Each box contains 30 strips
  • Snoring is a very common problem, it causes restless nights for the sufferer and can keep partners awake. Harmony nasal strips are a simple, yet effective snoring remedy.
  • They work by opening up your airways, helping you to breathe easier. Regardless of whether you are a gentle, harmonious snorer or a room rumbler, our nasal strips can benefit you.
  • Snoring can be caused by many factors, including narrowed nasal passages or a deviated septum.
  • Our simple snoring remedy can significantly reduce or even stop snoring altogether.


  • Type: Medical Adhesive
  • Function: Anti-snoring
  • Material:PE and pvc film
  • Improved breathing in 75%
  • Improved sleep quality in 90%
  • 90% of snorers felt less sleepy during the day
  • Improves airflow by 31%
  • Ideal for Dry or Sensitive Skin

Package Includes:

  • 1 x 30Pcs Nasal Strips (1 box)