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Drip Irrigation Tool

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  • Description



  • Made of durable ABS material which can last to long time
  • Accurately control the flow and give appropriate amount of water for different plants and flowers
  • Easy to use, save your time and energy on watering plants
  • These self-watering spikes fit on bottles with 1.1inch inner diameter capsule, which are easy to find
  • Come with a needle for you to drill holes on bottle bottom
  • These plant watering devices with control valve can control the drip speed 0-60s/1 drip, slow release drips to auto water plants, lasts 1-15 days or more, depending on the time you need.
  • No any tedious installation, just drill some holes at bottom of bottle or cut it, then a regulating valve that can adjust the speed of the flow.
  • Accurate flow control to keep your plants from drying out, give different amount of water for different plant and flowers, not like others that water too little or too much.
  • For some plants, old leaves just turn yellow and drop. But if new growth is yellow it could be a sign of overwatering or underwatering.
  • Fit most below brand's bottle: Dr.pepper, Pepsi, coca cola, Lipton, Deet Coke, Aqufina or other bottles that have 1.1inch inner diameter capsule, which are easy to find.
  • Enjoy the time with your family, these self-watering spikes will take good care of your plants.
  • It also can save your time and energy without having to water everyday, and eliminating the need of hauling heavy watering cans. Perfect for your vegetables, garden, houseplants, herbs, small tree, shrubs and as forth.


  • Type: Self Watering Spike
  • Color: Blue + Green
  • Material: ABS
  • Quantity: 2Pcs/Pack
  • Easy to Use

Package Includes:

  • 2 X Self Watering Spike
  • 2 x Needle