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Irrigation Timer

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  • Water-proof & Durable construction. IP65 waterproof. This water hose timer with new pneumatic sealed components and top connector which is made of 30% reinforced nylon material, more impact-resistant and wear-resistant than ABS withstand up to 10kg water pressure to greatly avoid internal leaking.
  • Waterproof battery case with internal rubber ring around the cover protects the batteries inside.2 size rings match well with NPT/UN standard type faucet.
  • Wider range of run timer and internal.
  • Watering Duration: 1s-59s, 1min-300min.
  • Watering Frequency: 1h-23h, 1 day-15 days.
  • Compared to most timer on the market, shortest watering time can only be up to 1 minute,our water timer can reach 1 second, suitable for watering flowers and Slowest watering frequency is 15 days, which is very suitable for plants with low water requirements, such as cactus, aloe vera, etc.
  • Especially in winter. The frequency of watering many plants will decrease.
  • Multi-function for multiple uses. Child Lock model can effectively avoid unintended trigger by kids & pets and prevent water waste.
  • Manual rain delay is available in our water faucet timer to prevent over-watering and save much water in rain days.
  • Manual mode allow instant watering use without interrupting your set irrigation program. This water timer can apply to drip irrigation systems, rain buckets, pet water and sprinkler irrigation etc.
  • 3 large screen & over 6 months working time. This Sprinkler timer features a large,easy to read LCD screen, displaying amazingly detailed information; such as when next watering cycle will begin, duration remaining for current watering cycle and much more.
    Especially the battery indicator can display the remaining battery, reminding you to change the battery in time.

  • 2 x AA batteries allows our water timer to run for over 6 months.Much power is saved as the screen enters into sleep state after 30s


  • Type: Irrigation Timer
  • Color: Black + Orange
  • Production Dimension: As Shown
  • Water Temperature: 0-40℃
  • Watering Duration: 1s-59s; 1min-300min
  • Watering Frequency: 1h-23h; 1 day-15 days
  • Manual Watering Duration: 1-240min
  • Power Supply: 2*AA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Rubber Rings: 3mm and 5mm Respectively

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Intelligent Timing Watering Device