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LED Glasses Magnifier

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Jeweler 8X 15X 23X Magnifier Magnifying Eye Glass Watch Repair Loupe With LED AU


  • Dual polished and crystal acrylic lens with 2 magnification options, no distortion but high clarity.
  • High brightness LED lights with adjustable dimmable switch, flexible to adjust the desired illumination brightness for better viewing effect.
  • Suitable for examining and reading fine prints in newspapers, documents, maps, coins, stamps, electronic parts, jewelry, photos, and pill bottles, or repair work for the clock, watch, cellphone &, etc.
  • Ideal gift for seniors, hobbyists, and professionals, thoughtfully provide helpful visual impairment aid.
  • Easy to use and change lens


  • Type: Eye Glasses Magnifier
  • Material : ABS + Acrylic Lens
  • Color: Black&White
  • Lens Magnification: 8x, 23x(Adding the 15x Lens on the glasses' 8x lens)
  • Light Source: 2 LED
  • Fold Size: 85*155*55mm
  • Unfold Size: 175*155*55mm  
  • Lens Diameter: 62mm, 21mm

Package Included:

  • 1* Magnifier Glass
  • 1* User Manual