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Portable Photo Scanner

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  • Portable mobile handheld scanner, ideal for scanning documents, magazines and newspapers !!
  • One-button scanning mode switching and high, medium and low resolution settings, easy to operate
  • Can see the number of scanned paper in real time, no need to install any professional driver software
  • The MicroSD card directly stores the read scan data, and the card reader or the USB cable can be connected.
  • The scanned data is in JPEG format or PDF format, which can be selected by yourself.
  • The power supply is a common 5th battery, easy to carry out and easy to replace.
  • Aoleca Handscanner is an extremely compact scanner that easily fits into a drawer or your laptop pocket. It weighs only 148 grams Whether you are at home, in the office or library or enjoying a cup of coffee, the handscanner can always be there!
  • Scan documents, magazines, newspapers, letters - without tearing pages out.
  • Just slide your scanner over the desired document and instantly create a high-resolution image (up to 900 dpi). With the handscanner you get a full version of the OCR application,which allows you to convert text areas of your scanned documents into fully editable Word, Excel or PDF documents.
  • The high-quality optical scanner and the wheel under the scanner, you can scan as fast as ever before (up to 3 seconds per page for 300 dpi) regardless of the surface you scan (documents, magazines or newspapers).


  • Image Sensor: A4 Color Photoelectric Sensor
  • Scan Resolution: 900dpi / 600dpi / 300dpi (Press the "DPI" button to switch, very convenient)
  • Storage Format: JPEG / PDF
  • Scan Size: A4 (216mm)
  • Scan Speed: 12 seconds - 900dpi 8 seconds - 600dpi 3 seconds - 300dpi
  • Storage Media: MicroSD card (up to 32G)
  • Storage Volume (based on 2GB card): 900dpi about 300 pages 600dpi about 400 pages, 300dpi about 1500 pages
  • Transmission Mode: USB 2.0
  • Power Supply: 2 x AA Batteries
  • Display LCD Scan Status
  • Auto Power Off
  • Battery Life: >200 A4 pages (default low resolution colour)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 257mm x 30mm x 24.5mm
  • Weight 150g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Portable Scanner
  • 1 x Cloth for wiping
  • 1 x USB cable