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Rescue pet shop soft toys

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  • Littlest pet shop soft toys Made up of safe materials, kids can use it safely.
  • A baby who can wash toys. It was taken as a ball, washed in water and turned into a pet.
  • Developing your child's love. It is a good choice as a birthday gift or Christmas gift.
  • Dolls can be washed with shower gel or soapy water so that the spherical gel can be washed off and then washed with water. If the hair is found to be messy after the hair dryer is blown, you can use the comb to take care of it. You can also use scissors to cut out the shape you want.
  • This littlest pet shop soft toys can be used repeatedly for bathing, and it can also be used as a companion partner (the first combing is a normal phenomenon if there is slight hair loss)
  • Rescue and adopt a dog or cat family and give them a home!
    Wash them, dry them and brush them to reveal the whole family. Will you find a cat or dog family?
  • How many babies does your scruff-a-luv mommy have? Will you find rare triplets?
  • Are your babies boys or girls? Warm their hearts to find out their heart will change color to blue or pink.
  • There are 10 surprises to find along the way! Open the panels to find everything your family of scruff-a-luv needs. Including a brush,
    a mystery flavor baby bottle, a collar and locket, birth Certificate and even small sweaters for your babies


  • Type: Rabbit Surprise Toy
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: Fabric
  • Pet size: 24 * 14cm / 9.44 * 5.51 inch
  • Style: Rabbit

Package Includes:

  • 1 x surprise littlest pet shop soft toys