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Sphygmomanometer & Stethoscope

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  • Recent studies have demonstrated that the manual bp sphygmomanometer has more accurate readings than automatic devices. Appropriate cuff size is essential to an accurate reading
  • This manual blood pressure monitor kit comes with a blood pressure stethoscope, nylon cuff with velcro closure, a calibration key aneroid gauge, and carrying case. Compact and portable, monitor your levels anytime and anywhere
  • The bp monitoring kit has a chrome-plated zinc alloy rotating chest piece. The sphygmomanometer has an adult-size nylon cuff with a hook-and-loop closure. 
  • The bp cuff machine is designed to monitor patients of all ages, the sprague stethoscope is great for nurses, doctors, and medical students looking for a high-quality stethoscope
  • This professional blood pressure kit is very easy to assemble. You can find guidelines to see how to use and assemble and there are calibrations instructions included



  • Type: Sphygmomanometer & Stethoscope
  • ColorBlack
  • MaterialsNylon + Metal + Rubber
  • Measurement range: 0-300mmHg.
  • Velcro arm band fits adult sized arms from: 25.4 – 40.6cm (10 – 16″) .
  • Working temperature: - 5 to + 50 degrees Celsius
  • Accuracy: +/-3mmHg(0.4kPa)
  • Minimum scale: 2mmHg
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Clear and easy-to-read aneroid gauge
  • Package Weight:440g
  • Package Size:18.5*10*7 cm


Measurement method:

  1. Blood pressure is enabled for check, can be used to normal blood pressure at ordinary times the dial in "0", after pressure reaction, flexible and can still back to the  original to "0".

  2. Please be seated at table, put on the table, the left arm light keep comfortable posture.

  3. Adjust the arm and high with heart, height is not enough to add soft mat under the arm.

  4. The armband flattening, quickly take the central to the brachial artery, arm bands on the lower edge of chelidon of 2 to 3 cm to upper arm is not too tight or too loose should be able to make two fingers into the set of the following advisable, lest affect accuracy

  5. Put the stethoscope head into the armband, positioned at the elbow brachial artery.

  6. Use latex ball slowly bring cheer to arm, at the same time pay attention to listening, stay brachial artery pulse disappear again will pressure of 2.5 kPa - 4 kPa (MMHG 20-30 MMHG) stop.

  7. Pressure stopped, 0.3 kPa per second - 0.3 kPa (2 MMHG - 4 MMHG) slow release arm in the air, make blood pressure needle drops slowly

  8. In the process of falling through the stethoscope when heard the first beat the clock shown in pressure value, is the systolic blood pressure.

  9. When the pulse sound gradually enhanced to murmur, tone suddenly became boring then, gradually disappear, when couldn't hear the sound, is the diastolic pressure. 

Warm Prompt:

  • When measuring blood pressure, the general should repeat 2 to 3 times, the average income readings as blood pressure values.

  • Blood pressure on the back of the watch case with a metal hook, when using, can hang in the armband, make reading more convenient.

  • Blood pressure arm with Velcro, supporter for ease-of-use!!!

Package Include:

  • 1 X Aneroid sphygmomanometer kit
  • 1 X Carrying bag
  • 1 X Stethoscope
  • 1 x User Manual