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  • 4 Inch Grinder Chain Disc with 22 Tooth sdrtsert

    ezonedeal 4 Inch Grinder Chain Disc with 22 Tooth

    Description: Grinding Machine Disc Chain Saw uses its speed and mobility to cut, carve, remove and carve wood, plastic, ice and hard rubber with its speed and maneuverability. The chain saw blade is held in place between two steel plates that provide a secure grip for carving. Regardless of grain or knots, the blade cuts through material with ease for the user. Made of durable steel material. Diameter: 4 "/ 100mm. Shaft size: 5/8" / 16mm. Maximum speed: 14000 rpm. 4 inch disc grinder and chain 22 teeth chain precision cutter for 100 of 115 angle grinder. Ideal for chewing a lot of material quickly. Ideal for curved work, such as inside bowls, for quick debris removal. Warning: Using the switch lockout feature on any grinder is not recommended. Doing so can cause serious injury or even death. Package Included Features: Type: Grinder Chain Disc Material: Steel Axle Size: 16MM (3/5 inch) Product Diameter: 102MM Wheel Thickness : 0.5cm Color: As the picture shows Axle: 5/8 inch 10000-13000rpm , 14000 rpm max. Package Includes: 1 X 4" Grinder Chain Disc With 22 Tooth


  • 5 in 1 Scrapper Tool h7b25f1eb176e46e1be8dcae5a630b4e8x

    ezonedeal 5 in 1 Scrapper Tool

    Descrition: With 5 Sizes Radius Interchangeable Pads: 3R, 6R, 10R, 13R, 17R for creating 5 shapes round corner. No water of sealant, excess sealant could be stored on silicone pad. Ideal for corners, showers, windows. Applicable for interior and exterior caulking. Easy to use. Durable and practical. Features: Type: Scraper Tool Color: Green Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel Size: approx. 190 * 28mm Interchangeable Pads: 4 Package includes: 1 x Smooth Scraper 4 x Interchangeable Pads


  • Portable Air Compressor sdfgsdfg_2_1

    ezonedeal Portable Air Compressor

    Dscription: Wireless and Portable: Wireless design and compact small size make the air compressor portable and easy to operate with one hand. The compressor is ready in just 4 steps. An LCD screen indicates the air pressure. Suitable for inflating when the car tires are sufficient and fully inflate the bicycle and motorcycle tires. Quick auto inflation: The electric air pump has 4 switchable pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, KG / CM²), so you can set the tire pressure according to your needs. When the tire pressure set is reached, the compressor will automatically shut off. The maximum pressure is approximately 150 PSI. High-capacity rechargeable battery: This portable compressor is equipped with a certified 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, which can inflate bicycles and balls. The USB charging port supports fast charging. Specification: Battery capacity: 2000mAh Inflation efficiency: 15l / min Inflation pressure: 150psi (10bar / 10KG / 1000kpa) Pressure Units: PSI BAR KPA KG / CM2 Outdoor air hose length: 13cm ± 0.5cm (5.1 ± 0.2 inch) Operating temperature: 0 ° C ~ 60 ° C Maximum continuous working time: 20 min Multiple use is designed for your life: Fit for car / SUV / RV tires Fit for bicycle / motorcycle tires Suitable for sports teams Suitable for inflatable toys Note: Not for van, cars, motor houses, trucks. Features: Type: Air Compressor Color: Black Battery capacity: 2000mAh Inflation efficiency: 15l / min Fit for: car / SUV / RV tires Inflation pressure: 150psi Packing Includes: 1 X Air compressor 1 X USB Charging Cable 1 X Air hose 1 X Presta valve 1 X Ball needle 1 X Toy mouthpiece


  • Negative Angle Scraper a5sd4d65asd_4

    ezonedeal Negative Angle Scraper

    Description: Caulk removal tool removes caulk fast, caulking tool softens for a perfect caulking bead. Keep caulk-away so that wings are in full contact with both surfaces. For silicone, use scraping edges first. Portable and easy to use. Create a beautiful and smooth gap for your home. Features: Type: Scraper + Shovel Material: Plastic Quantity: 2Pcs/Set Features: Easy to Use, Portable, Glass Glue Residual Remover Size: 9.8cm x 5cm / 3.86 "x 1.97", 14.1cm / 5.55 "(Approx.) Package Includes: 2 x Negative Corner Scraper


  • Contour Duplication Gauge rdgfhtgjyhkjlk_486453_1__1

    ezonedeal Contour Duplication Gauge

    Description: 100% Brand New and Quality Suitable for installing tiles, laminates, carpets, inspection sizes, flower strips, etc. Just press the tooth part of the contour dashboard against the target object and then track the shape you get. Replicate the shape of irregular items, copy the shape of the mold or match the cuts to provide accurate readings. Marks precise tiling or measuring useful tools such as winding tubes, round frames, pipes, etc., to operate most shapes. For any kind of work which needs the contour duplication. In woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any job of contour duplication. Feature: Material: ABS Color: Blue Quantity: 1PC Size: 5”(12CM) Package Include: 1 x Contour Gauge


  • 164pcs 2:1 Wire Cable Insulated Set erfg65132tyj_9

    ezonedeal 164pcs 2:1 Wire Cable Insulated Set

    Description: 100% brand new and high quality Made of high quality material, durable and practical to useBig collection of heat shrink tubing,8 Specifications,5 colors,164pcs Supplied Internal Diameter: 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm, 4.0mm,6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm, 14.0mm Feature: Material: Polyolefin Shrinkage Ratio: 2:1 (will maximum shrink to 1/2 its supplied diameter) Operating Temperature: -55°C to +125°C Minimum Shrinkage Temp: +70°C Full Shrinkage Temp: +110°C Maximum Tensile Strength: 10.4 Mpa Dielectric Strength:15 kV/mm Flammability: Flame Retardant Approvals: UL Approved Set Includes: (Quantity x Supplied Internal Diameter x Single Length) 60pcs x φ1.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green) 30pcs x φ2.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue) 16pcs x φ3.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green) 16pcs x φ4.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue) 16pcs x φ6.0 x 40mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green) 10pcs x φ8.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue) 8pcs x φ10.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Green) 8pcs x φ14.0 x 80mm (Yellow,Black,Red,Blue) Package Include: 164pcs/Set Heat Shrink Tubing


  • Angle Ruler wedrfghjk_4_11

    ezonedeal Angle Ruler

    Description: For three dimensional items measuring: timber, pipes etc. Stops for 45 degree and 90 degree angles. Can be used as marking gauge for parallel lines. Drill guide for determining the drill bit diameter. High strength and hardness. Light in weight. Easy to use. Durable in use. Feature: Type: 3D Angle Ruler Material: plastic Size: approx. 150*200*66mm Measurement Range: 0-300m Package Include: 1 x 3D Angle Ruler


  • 3pcs/set electric brush wamwmnefvjnd_fasdg_8

    ezonedeal 3pcs/set electric brush

    Description: Transform drill into powerful cleaning scrubber machine. finish cleaning faster. Soft bristles for gentle scrubbing. Shapes and sizes of brushes, suitable for cleaning different places, 360 degree clean stubborn stains. Medium and Stiff Brush All Purpose Shower Car Tires, Carpet, upholstery (couches, chairs), kitchens, Bathrooms, Showers, Tubs, Boats, Floor, RV interiors. The brush has a quarter 1/4 inch steel shaft quick connect molded to each brush,It fits to cordless drills. (Drills is not include) Features: Color: Yellow Material: Plastic Size: 2 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch Package Included: 1 X Drill Brush 2 inch, 3.5 inch, 4 inch Note: Electric drill is not included.


  • Rotary Cutter With Blade

    ezonedeal Rotary Cutter With Blade

    Out of stock

    Description: Ergonomic Design: This rotary cutting machine has a safety lock, which can easily cut round and complex shapes. High-Quality Material: Made of high-quality materials, increase strength and wear resistance. Not easy to rust, strong and durable. Sharp Blade: The blade is sharp enough to help you accurately cut on fabrics, paper, carpets, leather and other multilayer materials. Dual Safety: Push button easily locks the blade when not in use, can also lock the blade in either place allowing for easy comfort cutting, An extra measure of safety and convenience. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Rotary cutter with blade Size: 14 * 4cm, 2.7 * 2.7cm Material: ABS + Tungsten steel Color: Yellow Item Weight: 50gm Features: High quality Ergonomic design Safety lock Easy to use Durable Sharp blade Comfort cutting Widely used Package Content: 1x Rotary cutter 5x Blades

    Out of stock


  • Glue Gun Kit With 50 Glue Sticks

    ezonedeal Glue Gun Kit With 50 Glue Sticks

    Description: Super-Fast Heating: This Glue Gun takes 3 to 5 minutes to warm up, fits for 7mm-diameter glue sticks, and keeps the temperature constant automatically. Anti-drip And Heat Resistant: Anti-drip nozzle releases glue smoothly with no drips or glops and is easy to control and place a small amount of glue. Easy To Use And Operate: Press the trigger of the glue gun to release melted glue, The safety fuse offers overheating protection. The Longer Anti-drip nozzle allows you to be more precise when it comes to hot glueing something. Ultimate Convenience And Safe: This glue gun has a Fold-up holder and makes the glue gun stand steady on the bench top for better use. The on and off power switch makes it safe for your children. Set Creativity Free: This mini glue gun is capable of bonding multiple materials together, which is ideal for DIY crafts and arts with unlimited imagination and endless fun. How To Use: 1. Insert a glue stick from the gun tail. 2. After plugging in and turning on the power, the LED will light up. 3. Preheat for 3 to 5 minutes. 4. Press the trigger to control the flow of glue. Note: Actual product color may vary from the colour you see on your screen. Specification: Type: Glue gun Size: 12 * 13 * 2.5 cm Material: ABS + Aluminium Working Voltage: 100 to 240V Wattage: 20W Color: Blue Item Weight: 330gm Features: High quality Ideal for DIY Easy to use Super fast heating LED indicator Anti-drip Durable Safe and reliable  Ergonomic handle Convenient switch Wide application Package Content: 1x Glue gun 50x Glue sticks


  • Pin Punch Strike hole tool fghhghh

    ezonedeal Pin Punch Strike hole tool

    Description: Simple and accurate to use Knurled handle prevents slipping Gives precise starting point on steel and other solid materials Allows you to easily mark work using one hand prior to drilling which will prevent the drill from slipping Automatic spring loads then releases at top of cycle with force to create centre punch(No Hammer Needed) Spring pressure can be adjusted by simply rotating the knurled top of the punch Automatic design cleanly and accurately punches steel wood and plastic Feature: Material: HSS Color:Gold(As Pictures Show) Hardness: HRC58°~ 65° Diameter: 12.7mm Length: 130mm Package Include: 1 X Automatic centre punch


  • 9 in 1 Multitool 512ie04-iyl._ac_sl1024

    ezonedeal 9 in 1 Multitool

    Out of stock

    Description: The multitool card is made of stainless steel, with high carbon content, it has high strength, hardness and wear resistance. 9 in 1 designed multifunction card tool - Foldable Knife, Saw, Opener, Pry Tool, 2 types of Screwdriver, Hex Screwdriver X3, Knife Button, Knife Protection Slot X2, Blade Disassembly Structure. Fits in a wallet, purse or glove-box. Lightweight, easy to carry and storage. Ultra-thin and lightweight Pocket Tool Set made from the Highest Quality material. It will not bend, crack, chip or rust, the most reliable mini survival tool set on the market. Take it hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, household utility. A very good companion to mechanics, repairmen. Feature: Material: Stainless steel Color: Silver Weight: 181g Size: 8X5.5cm/3.15X2.17 inch. Features: easy to carry around/use Package Include: 1 X Pocket Credit Card Knife

    Out of stock


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Q: What types of tools and hardware products do you offer on Ezonedeal?

A: We offer a comprehensive collection of tools and hardware products from leading brands. Our products include power tools, hand tools, hardware, safety gear, storage solutions, and more.

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